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Reservation Management Software for Campgrounds and RV Parks

Simple, yet powerful reservation management features handle any tasks your campground operations require.

Software Tools for Complete Campground Management

Managing your campground and RV park shouldn’t be complicated.

Using a reservation management software with a complete list of features, integrations, and payment options will provide you with peace of mind that your campground’s operations and guest experience will be under your own control.

Reservation Management

Our powerfully simple software supports your reservation workflow and captures all the necessary information you require.

Most Integrations Included

With a wide range of software integrations, such as GDS and payment processing, you can create the system that is right for your campground workflow.

Integrated EMV Payment Processing

Take payments securely online or at the reservation desk with a best-in-class EMV processing technology solution supported by Heartland Payments.

Online Booking Engine

A customized online booking engine ensures your guests can book a reservation in real-time and eliminate the work that goes into the manual reservation process.

Who is RPM Campground software for?

Family Campgrounds


You are offering the most unique, authentic family experience in your region and all of your guests know it. They come back season after season because of your amenities, activities, and experience. You need a software that can keep up with the pace the business you have created and continue that tradition. RPM Campground’s Reservation Management Software has all the features your will need to maintain and expand your business.

Snowbird RV Parks


No matter what size your snowbird community is, you are always full year-round. You know your guests by name and you know their story. They don’t expect you to have the best technology, but they do expect you to run an efficient and informed operation. RPM Campground’s Reservation Management Software supports your business regardless of if your guests know you have the most up-to-date reservation system or not.

Portfolio Campgrounds

Multiple campgrounds and RV park locations are becoming park of the property management company portfolio. Just because they are more rustic in nature doesn’t mean they should be less profitable and efficient. Trusting RPM Campground’s Reservation Management Software to run and connect your portfolio properties is another smart move in your already growing empire.

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